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"If there's one really strong D.I.Y. scene, it's the world of hardcore. It's about hardcore punk and not the dance version, to be clear. Bands are working with their own resources and that makes an impression. Gamage has brought that together extensively in 'A Hardcore Heart', a book published through Earth Island Publishing", says Ralf Wedage in his review for White Room, here:

"As rich as the scene is, so is this book. In more than 650 pages, Gamage literally opens a beautiful book about hardcore and related styles, focusing on the 90s. The fact that it is not just the hardcore also ensures that passages about Green Day and NOFX, among others, are discussed."

"The beauty of 'A Hardcore Heart, Adventures In A D.I.Y. Scene', as the book is fully called, is that Gamage doesn't just have an eye for the bands themselves. The experiences of the fans themselves can also be read in scents and colours, something that also applies to the venues. Not every tent was waiting for this event, and, conversely, this approach also ensures ingenuity."

"If you go all the way through Gamage's 'Hardcore Heart', you're going to care even more about this scene. Both in terms of stories and photos, and other visual material, this is an extremely beautiful work for this genre."

Gamage has a Hardcore Heart and it's 'Een Flink Omvang'; of considerable size.

You can pick up this book, a love letter the hardcore scene, with all it's friendships, frailty and positive possibilities here.

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