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Bugger Banksy in Buzz Mag

"Having had the privilege of a being a victim of toilet roll bombardment by the author in question here, I find myself already endeared to the cover of Roy’s new novel – and if Bugger Banksy is as entertaining as his band Hacksaw, then we are in for a real treat. We all love and embrace the elusive yet iconic Banksy, but what about those chosen few, who lives have been turned upside when a new ‘Banksy’ has graced their building? That is the premise for this utterly entertaining novel, as a couple who are trying to keep their covert ‘business’ a secret suddenly find the eyes of the world on them while a steady stream of improbable characters converges on their Welsh barn.

Roy has worked hard to flesh out these bright and breezy characters, and the comedy comes thick and fast, making for an easy read. The Bristolian has obviously spent a lot of time on our side of the bridge and demonstrates a good appreciation of Welsh humour, far surpassing the lazy 'hilarity' of the likes of Gavin & Stacey. An interesting take on a fascinating subject matter, Hacksaw has the ability to see things from an aspect few would have thought of and with that has created this captivating little story". Review by Chris Andrews for Buzz Magazine.

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