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Let's go Down the pub with J.T.

Everyone loves an evening at the pub so here's a good excuse for you, not that you need one. J.T. Audsley will be reading from his superb new novel, 'The Grief of Godless Games', in The Jolly Sailor in Porthcawl, one of the oldest and coolest pubs in Wales, on Saturday 18th November. He'll have paperback and hardback copies of his book for sale, and will be signing them for anyone that wants that. Please come along and see him, and maybe enjoy a pint and a meal too while he reads.

A recent review of his debut novel in Thought Words Action opens with the statement,The Grief of Godless Games is a stunning debut novel that combines fantasy, fiction, and horror into one captivating literary experience. With Audsley’s storytelling and vivid world-building mastery, readers are taken on a thrilling journey to a world where imagination intertwines with history and myth."

You can read the full review here: and check out many more great comments on instagram, goodreads, amazon, etc. We're always looking for more book reviewers though, so if that's you, please get in touch.

As well a various passages and artwork from the book featuring on J.T.s instagram page (at ) he is now fleshing out the beloved characters backstories with flashback scenes and extra content that readers will love. So, if you cant join us at the pub, check out J.T. and 'The Grief of Godless Games' online asap.

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