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Mid Life Punk Podcast discuss A Hardcore Heart

At the weekend those two punk rock loons from Mid Life Punk Podcast, Tom and Niall, called up to discuss 'A Hardcore Heart' and all things literature, musical, and post-punk. The conversation was fun and pretty interesting. The nonsense is interspersed with some good tunes too! You can check it out now here:

MLPP says, "It’s not all rock n roll, parties and moshing at MLPP Towers you know. So, we bring out our cultured side with author, publisher, sometimes musician and record label head honcho, David Gamage.

We discuss David’s new book, 'A Hardcore Heart', we get a deep dive into the Tunbridge Wells scene past and present, David’s euro adventures and perhaps most crucially: which one of your favourite pop stars shat on a sports pitch?

Niallism has had a brush with the paranormal, Tom reviews some gigs, both your boys get hyped for Manchester Punk Festival and a whole lot more.

Music this week: *mypethandgrenade, the brokedowns, The Specials, Hot Water Music, TSOL, Holyfangs, Green Day, The Atlantic Union Project and NOFX.

So, later on you’ll be able to do some Gamage Limitation when our episode featuring grizzled veteran of the melodic hardcore scene David Gamage goes live! Avoid brain gamage, and listen to it!"

As this is the Mid Life crews 114th podcast show, you can also find links to it on more or less any podcast channel, including apple, spotify, podtail, podcast addict, instagram, facebook, feedspot, alitu, podchaser, listen notes, amazon, audible, google, player fm, tumblr, deezer, buzz sprout, thought leaders and god knows where else, right up until they censor it or shut these guys down. Enjoy!

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