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Music Street Journal review A Hardcore Heart

Gary Hill at the Music Street Journal just posted his review of 'A Hardcore Heart' and even made a short video of the book.

" 'A Hardcore Heart: Adventures In A DIY Scene' is a massive book, running to well over 650 pages. It's also such a cool book that it warranted one of our bonus videos.

It's packed full of pages of color photos to accompany the text.

The stories here will have a feel of familiarity for those who have been in bands or been part of any indie music scene. They are intrinsically the personal adventures undertaken by Gamage, though. A musician who was part of the hardcore punk community, he's been there and done that and lived to tell the tale.

There are tales centering on familiar acts like Green Day, NOFX, Alice Donut and many others, and less familiar ones to. It's an intense and captivating look inside a scene. One that's both told well and illustrated via the photos. While this is a long book, it does read fairly easily. It will keep you coming back, too."

Photos: left to right, The Babies Three, Hot Water Music, Understand. You can find the bonus content video on the book here:

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