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Personal Punk reviews 'A Hardcore Heart'

“This coffee table-destroying tome delivers the goods”

Steve Midwinter of Personal Punk has been reading 'A Hardcore Heart' and clapt enjoying digging deeper into the D.I.Y. HC scene. You can see his full review here:

Photo: Rydell in Germany, on tour with Hot Water Music. Taken by Dennis Merklinghaus.

“My critical muscle expended a lot of energy trying to find fault with this book, to no avail. Aesthetically, it looks incredible. Given a deep, lush colour scheme, tactile photo reproductions and high-quality paper add much. The key to the success of this weighty tome though is in the title: heart. Intelligently written, Gamage avoids the alienating aspects of much academic work, while not succumbing to the flat prose of so many punk memoirs. Every facet of scene involvement is here and, that it takes place mostly in the nineties, is frankly irrelevant. Every word imbued with an excitable fervour, this is timeless, essential storytelling that will speak to anyone – from any era – who has spent time immersed in the DIY punk scene.”

The official release is on 14th February 2023, Valentine’s day, suitably for this love letter to the hardcore scene, with a foreword by Frank Turner and updated to 666 pages to make monster of a book.

'A Hardcore Heart' is published by Earth Island Books and available to order here.

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