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Subhumans book is on its way!

We've been working on it for a while and then waiting for the printers to do their thing - but at last, it looks as if the Subhumans book will be back from the printers and with us in early April!

You can still pre-order it here (UK & Europe) to make sure you get a copy asap and from PM Press in the US of A. We think this first batch is gonna disappear pretty quickly so grab yourself a copy now!

Here's what Hope at Street Voice had to say about it; "Ian Glasper has surpassed himself with this book. Silence Is No Reaction based on the Subhumans is the best book he’s ever written!

In fact this Subhumans book is the best thing I’ve read covering bands.

From the very start you just don’t want to put this book down as Dick and co take a long journey through their 40 year musical career. And what a history! It’s a histpory that most bands can ever dream of and in 40 years there’s been very little compromise. The Subhumans did it their way on their terms! Not many bands can say that!

Having been together for 40 years there’s some amazing stories to read and there’s also a couple of sad ones but this book remains positive thinking and brings some brilliant insight to how the Subhumans started and many years later still remain a highly thought of unit!

The Subhumans remain on top form as Mr Lucas and co keep moving forward and writing songs that are loved by everyone and not just the band!

What makes this book more interesting is others being interviewed regards their experiences of the Subhumans such as Peter Jones (Paranoid Visions), Nuts (Lost Cherrees), Barney Greenway (Napalm Death) and Sean Forbes (Hard Skin / Thatcher On Acid / Wat Tyler) who’s inclusions make this book even more enjoyable!

I could go on forever about this book but you need to read it yourself to get the best experience from it!" 10/10

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