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The busiest man in DIY punk?

James Domestic never rests. Last Saturday, his band, The Domestics, supported the excellent Long Knife from Portland, Oregon at a packed gig in Ipswich, and this Thursday (30th May) he delivered a thirty minute headline set of poetry / spoken word at Poetry Scum’s fifth anniversary event at The Robin Hood in Nottingham.

Right now you can find a hugely in-depth interview with James on the latest edition of the always excellent Byte High No Limit podcast.  During the interview he talks about his bands, poetry, the creative processes involved with each, records, the ZX Spectrum, and a whole bunch of other stuff over a few beers in his local pub, The Brewery Tap, in Sudbury. He even recites a poem specially written for the podcast, called See Facts. An interesting, funny, and revealing interview!

And up next, on Thursday 6th June, you can see him performing a short set at Colchester Arts Centre as part of the regular Emotional Madness night.

Like the man himself says, catch him while you can!

If you havent already then check out James' books, Domesticated Volumes 1 and 2, as well as the new Ten Poets collection, in the E I Books store here.

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