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'The Humanity Trigger' is getting animal rights back into the news

The Vegan Society New Zealand's quarterly magazine has a feature on Mark Humanity's new book, 'The Humanity Trigger', in their latest edition out now. This mag goes out to all its vegan members and is sold in most of the main supermarkets in NZ as well as the nationwide bookseller Whitcoulls. You can check it out below...

Mark has also just finished an interview with Anna from NEAR (north east animal rights) which you can see here:

There's also a link to the podcast that started the ball rolling with the book, from early 2021 - the Policed podcast. Tragically Dr Vicky Conway, the podcasts host, took her own life about a year ago so this interview is amongst her last.

And in this interview, with Irish Left Archive from 2022, Mark speaks about his involvement with the anarchist scene as well as the animal rights movement in the UK in the late 1990's/2000's.

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