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The Revolution Will Be Televised

We've been working with a bunch of fine authors and artists over the last few months to get some more great new books ready, and we're excited to publish them for you now. The first of these be 'The Revolution Will Be Televised' by Ray Stuart.

Ray grew up convinced that we can do better, as individuals, as communities, and as a nation. He has watched the merry-go-round of boom-and-bust economics as left and right, or increasingly right and far right, have used working people as pawns in their power games. Meanwhile, a class born of privilege and belief in their inherent right to rule, from Buckingham Palace to the House of Lords, Parliament, the judiciary, and church, apply rules in which we have precious little say and even less power to resist. In the past he longed for revolution, dreaming of a day working people would have had enough and would rise up. Latterly he came to realise that if the shower of uselessness infesting Parliament wasn’t going to trigger open rebellion, then nothing would. Instead, he has embraced his middle-class roots; where he used to be full of passion and rage, he is now full of artisan bread and locally sourced cheese. Meat may be murder but so are his knees. He’s leaving the street fighting and statue tipping to the young. The Revolution will be Televised is an appeal to people from all backgrounds, those sympathetic to free-thinking and anarchist philosophy, as well as to like-minded people who wish to see a better, fairer society without the reliance on the straightjackets of traditional left-right politics or inherited privilege.

'The Revolution will be Televised' is a 170 page paperback (ISBN 978-1-7393638-7-1) or ebook (ISBN 978-1-7393638-8-8) that you can pre-order direct from us right now, and receive it with extra goodies, or place an order with your local bookstore, or online at amazon, etc from 23rd June onwards.

Born in London and raised in Hertfordshire and Suffolk, Ray was drifting through high school until he discovered punk rock. From then on, he spent his time nurturing a singular lack of musical ability, until realising too late that exam success might have been a better option.

Despite his abysmal school results, he went on to forge a career as a nurse, such was the desperation of the NHS in the early 80s.

In 2016 he and his wife Alison decided to leave the rat race, so they sold their home and spent the year living in a motorhome. Life on the road re- ignited a desire to write that had never been entirely extinguished despite the best efforts of his teachers.

His previous writing experience includes company annual reports, a punk rock fanzine and forging notes from his mother to excuse him from PE.

In 2018 he published his first book, 'Downwardly Mobile' spending the best part of 2016 working at festivals and discovering the UK from the vantage point of their motorhome called Mavis. After moving to the Isle of Mull and living in their motorhome Ray published the next instalment of his 'Still Following Rainbows'. It documents the highs and lows of adjusting to life and work on a Scottish island, with snippets of history, vivid descriptions of the landscape and plenty of humour.

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