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TIME flick-through video

'This Is My Everything' is about a forgotten screamo band's travels into and out of the worldwide DIY hardcore scene in the late nineties and early noughties, with guest appearances by Against Me!, Shelter, Refused, Ink&Dagger, Yaphet Kotto, Snapcase and many more.

You can check out a flick-through video of the book below, and order a copy now.

"Starting a band is a lot like a romantic relationship. You spend time together, find that common spark, and live through emotions and experiences. You create music together. Songs, lyrics, entire records. You find a name for your band. Each member contributes to creating something uniquely your own. Then there's also the other side of the medal: fights, breakups, broken hearts. The entire emotional bandwidth of a relationship is contained within the complicated inner workings of a band."

'This Is My Everything', the superb new book about the life and adventures of a touring band (Tidal) by Christian Späth, it's in stores now and shipping direct now. Grab your guitar and hit the road!

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