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Trust reviews 'A Hardcore Heart'

“Whew! This work about the British D.I.Y. scene of the 90s, which is introduced with a foreword by Frank Turner, comprises over 650 pages, experiences and tells from the perspective of the author. The first hardcore wave with bands like Heresy, Ripcord, Intense Degree, Electro Hippies, etc has just flattened out and a completely new D.I.Y. scene is emerging, the history of which is documented here. (By the way, the first wave of hardcore is described in detail in the book ‘Trapped in a Scene: UK Hardcore 1985–1989’). Where the book on the first wave ends, David Gamage begins his narrative. The book focuses on people, i.e. artists, promoters, venues, record labels and fanzines, and follows the development of the author's bands, recounting all kinds of anecdotes and touring experiences (also outside the UK) and illustrates them abundantly with photos. And of course it's also about bands, including The Yobs, Drive, Couch Potatoes, Goober Patrol, Rydell, Pale, Green Day, NOFX, Alice Donut, Jailcell Recipes, The BBMFs, Majority Of One, Spermbirds, The Babies Three, Understand, Samiam, Down By Law, Alloy, Hot Water Music, Bob Tilton, Tribute, Discount, Blue Tip, Leiah, Leatherface, Spy Versus Spy, Hunter Gatherer, Dismemberment Plan, Burning Airlines, Piebald and many more. The book is written in an entertaining way and therefore definitely worth reading, but 666 pages is also a number that you have to be in the mood for first. And that's actually my only point of criticism.”

Review by Christian in Trust Fanzine issue #224 (Germany)

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