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Two new TerroRizing volumes from Ian Glasper

Following on from the great success of Ian Glasper's latest book, 'The Scene That Would Not Die', we're working with him on several more exciting projects.

The next is a terrorising twosome of interesting interviews that Ian did whilst working at Terrorizer magazine.

Although we're still working on the books and the pre-order probably wont be until October, here's a sneaky peak at the mocked-up front and back covers for Volume One of 'Terrorized: The Collected Interviews', a complete (two book) collection of every interview Ian ever did for Terrorizer magazine...

Volume One takes you through artists / interviewees with the letters A to J

(it's like Sesame Street, y'see...) (and any band with a number at the front of their name...!)

Huge thanks to the following amazing photographers: Danielle Dombrowski (front cover & AFI - back cover), Morat (The Damned), Naki (Vinnie Stigma), Doralba Picerno (Exodus), Gutterpunk (ENT), who also have many images included INSIDE the book as well

We'll post Volume Two mock-ups soon too.

The Scene That Would Not Die book and CD are still available here.

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