Barry Jones’ grandfather Evan Jones went with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers to France in 1915 and came home in 1918. Norman Howell, of the South Wales Borderers, Barry’s great uncle, went off to war in 1918 but didn't make it home.  

The War Memorial that remembers the lost sons of Penycae stands in the heart of this small Welsh village.

Paid for by the village and unveiled in 1925, the war memorial has grown so familiar to locals that it attracts little more than a passing glance these days, except on Remembrance Day.  

On the war memorial, Barry’s uncle Norman is remembered, along with a host of other young men who fought and died so bravely. Barry began to wonder who they were and what their stories were, and decided to find out. The Lost Sons of Penycae is the outcome of years of painstaking and meticulous research.

The estimated population of Penycae today is around 3500 but the village saw 37 men lose their lives in the First World War, eight of whom have no known grave and another eight casualties of the Second World War. The Lost Sons of Penycae delves into wartime history, telling the sad and poignant stories of those men who fought so bravely to keep their country free.

The Lost Sons Of Penycae by Barry Jones

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