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"A master of satire, wittiness, and humour"

"Writing book reviews without spoiling too much content may be difficult sometimes, so I will keep it short and sweet. Roy D Hacksaw is also a master of shaping stories that no other author would even think about it, so that is the case with Bugger Banksy. Some readers might think this book is about Banksy, a legendary Bristol-based graffiti master whose true identity is shrouded in myth and mystery. However, that’s not the case. Roy D Hacksaw centres this wild story on Glyn and Kevin, two locals who live in Glyn’s barn in Welsh valleys. At first, everything seems normal for these two characters. They’re living a simple life on a farm, watching martial art movies all day and running their own marijuana farm to make ends meet. However, trouble starts once the famous street artist Banksy shows up and leaves his mark on Glyn’s barn. Of course, from that point, their simple, laid-back, low-key lifestyle develops into a series of troubles, so this story may seem like something you could expect to see in Guy Ritchie’s movies."

"Roy D, Hacksaw stacked this book with many unpredicted moments, so you’ll probably hold this fine piece of skilfully written words until the last page. Each new page reveals some crazy stories, so the true essence of this book lies in Hacksaw’s ability to alter ordinary life into some sort of a fiction we can all relate to at some point in our lives. Bugger Banksy showcases how acts of famous or non-famous artists can reflect on other people’s lives, and the outcome is sometimes good, bad, or hilarious, as presented in this book. Hacksaw once again proved he’s a master of the craft, so Bugger Banksy is a must for those readers who love good, old British satire and humour."

Read ‘Bugger Banksy’, the hilarious novel by Roy D. Hacksaw; punk rock drummer, fanzine editor and part-time writer, and see for yourself.

“Bugger Banksy is a brilliant farce that will make you laugh out loud at the absurdities of both the art world and rural life” – James Scanlan

“Comedic insight into the probable misery brought on by a case of the Banksy's. It's not all auctions and pay-outs as this tale will tell” – Emma Nguyen

“Laughs, scandal, jeopardy and emotion flow in this fun little story about what happens when the spotlight shines on the parts of life you'd really rather it didn't!” – Lisa-Jayne Lewis

“Fantastic tale of the absurdity of what we describe as art” – Wooly Hat Warrior

“Brush up on your Welsh slang and have a laugh at the same time” – Glen Herman

“A brilliant page turner. There is so much detail in here, you wonder what else the author knows” – Shawn Mullins

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