MMV2 copy
The new cover art for Tim Cundle's 'Mass Movement, Volume 2'.
Art by Rachel Evans, design by Steve Crawley.
Ian Glasper TSTWND A3 poster
The limited edition A3 poster going out with the first 500 orders of Ian Glasper's 'The scene that would not die'. Photos by Tim 'Bev' Bevington / Hold My Pint photography.
The new cover art for Tim Cundle's 'Mass Movement, Volume 1'.
Art by Rachel Evans, design by Steve Crawley.
The fourth and final web banner / facebook ad we created for Ian Glaspers 'The scene that would not die' book launch and pre-orders. This artwork will be re-worked into special bookmarks to go out with the books.
The WWGGD card game dice packs, D20 and D4.
The Card Game that goes with 'What Would Gary Gygax Do?' created by Tim Cundle with Rachel Evans art. A special edition promo limited to 100. All the early pre-orders received with the book, the card game, a dice set, posters and postcards.
Cover for 'The scene that would not die'. (Book by Ian Glasper, photo of 'Evil Hour' by Hold My Pint photography).
'We can be the new wind' cover mock up. (Book by Alex Anesiadis, photo of The Doughboys).
Some of the free posters and postcard sets art, by Rachel Evans, for the WWGGD book launch promos.
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