AUTHOR: David Gamage

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David Gamage

David Gamage began playing in bands in his teens and created BHP fanzine to share ideas and communicate with the hardcore punk rock music community.

The collected book of BHP, Punk Faction, is an interesting look at alternative music and lifestyle.

His passion for the genre is easy to hear when you listen to his music with bands such as Couch Potatoes, Joeyfat, Rydell and Come The Spring.

In fact, his  drive to help spread the music and the message to his peers went so far that he also promoted shows and started various record labels to get the music heard by a wider audience. That continues today with Engineer Records, started back in 1999 and now with over 250 releases under its belt.

David lives with his wife and two sons in an idyllic cottage in the East Sussex countryside. 

David enjoys creating music, writing and over-eating!