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AUTHOR: James Christie

James Christie
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James Christie

James Christie was born in South London in 1969, raised by a mum and dad who’d both met there in the early 60's. 

So, he says, when some twat asks him "Where do you really come from?" or  even "Where do your parents come from?" his answer is still London.

A lifelong punk-rocker and an aren’t gig-goer. For years James kept a diary of the shows he went to and hassle he had as ‘the only black kid at the show’.

That’s what his tongue-in-cheek, street-slang-filled, musical-history-diary, ‘The Dark Chronicles’ is all about.

Since those heady days of punk rock and alternative lifestyle that he writes about, he has now calmed down, just a little. And, fed up with city life, he now lives as a 'grockle' in the countryside.

Currently residing quite happily in deepest Somerset, in a small cottage by himself, although sharing it with umpteen woodlice and spiders (who are quite quick to point out that "We were 'ere first matey, an' we aint goin' nowhere, so tough."

James confesses that he is quite madcap, and will likely always remain so, after years of watching Monty Python's Flying Circus, Kenny Everett, Benny Hill, lately Philomena Cunk, as well as anything Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson have ever appeared in.

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