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 J. T. Audsley

J. T. Audsley
J. T. Audsley. S Korea. Ramen comp.jpg

J.T. failing a ramen eating challenge in Gunsan-si, South Korea. 

This photo should still be on the wall of that restaurant, alongside others who have fallen to the giant portion of noodles on the table.

J.T. Audsley 

J. T. Audsley is a graduate of Coventry University, achieving a Master's in Professional Creative Writing. He graduated in 2019 after four years of honing his craft and developing a keen understanding of narrative and character development. 


During his studies, Audsley became fascinated by Norse mythology and Viking history. His dissertation, titled "A Literary Explanation of How Norse Mythology Has Influenced Fantasy Fiction," exemplified his dedication to understanding the profound impact of ancient tales on contemporary storytelling. 


An enriching experience teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in South Korea offered him a glimpse into a vibrant culture vastly different from his own. Drawing inspiration from this journey, he expertly wove elements of Korean culture into the fabric of his fantasy world, lending it an authenticity that adds depth and intrigue to his narrative. 


Heralding from a beautiful seaside town in South Wales, he is passionate for his local community, shown in various creative endeavours. He once wrote a monthly history column in his local newsletter, which initially served as a promotional tool for a Viking-themed event. He also wrote and hosted a weekly pub quiz online during the pandemic, bringing the community together during hard times. Audsley showcased his talent as a playwright by staging a short play at his local theatre, captivating audiences with his storytelling and comedic style. 


Beyond novel writing, he writes poetry, short stories, and historical articles. He attended poetry events during university, immersing himself in rich artistic expression. He also attended comedy open mic nights to practice a medium he was less comfortable and familiar with, finding the experience incredibly rewarding. 


As an author, J. T. Audsley aspires to transport readers to extraordinary worlds where imagination intertwines with history and myth, inviting them to experience the profound depths of emotion in "The Grief of Godless Games." With his innate ability to craft captivating stories and commitment to fostering community, Audsley stands poised to leave an indelible mark on fantasy fiction.

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