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Alex CF
Alex CF. Punks in thr willows.JPG
Alex CF

Alex CF is an illustrator, author and sculptor. His work revolves around animal mythology and political fantasy, having written the environmental epic, ‘The Books of Orata' -  'Seek The Throat From Which We Sing’ and ‘Wretched Is The Husk’ and the illustrated companion book, ‘The Orata, A Compendium Of The Cultures And Creeds Of Naa.’ His personal and political aspirations are explored further in ‘The Book Of Venym, An Egalitarian Demonology’ An illustrated anti-fascist occult grimoire, a call to arms in the defence of nature and against humanities proclivities for violence, told through striking illustrations of benevolent demons and deities. 


Alex has been involved in DIY punk, animal rights and alternative culture for much of his adult life, and is the vocalist in a number of bands, where he creates self contained narratives and artwork inspired by his favourite authors, and ideologies shared within the band. He was the vocalist in Fall of Efrafa, and is currently involved in many musical projects. 

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