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A work in progress

Whilst we are chuffed to bits with the great reviews of Combat Ready, Tim Satchwell's round up on the writing and recording of The Clash album 'Combat Rock', and also pretty pleased to see how his latest collaboration on The Clash in the press, Late News Breaking', with Anthony Davie is going, we are all still waiting on his new book about the making of Sandinista, 'On More Time'.

Above, notes for the story of the making of Sandinista, currently still a work in progress.

To celebrate the iconic album's fortieth anniversary last year, Clash aficionado and author Tim Satchwell, updated his debut book, 'Combat Ready', all about the inspiration behind and making of The Clash's classic album 'Combat Rock'. You can still pick up a copy here.

Above, Tim's new collaboration book about The Clash, and two Vive Le Rock reviews of Combat Ready.

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