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Audio from Arizona

E D Evans is working on a really cool project down at Spatula Ranch Southwest: The audio version of her poetry book, Time for My Generation to DIE.

The studio is located in her hometown of Tucson, Arizona, where there’s a taco place on every corner, hummingbirds at every feeder, coyote and saguaro cactus, jack rabbits and Gila, woodpeckers and lizards, at every window you look out of. In a place like that I expect some poems come real easy.

Unlike other audio books that are straight reads, E. D. is taking a different approach. Most of her poems are ballads, or tell some kind of narrative story. The subjects range from murder in the old West to sobriety on the mean streets of New York City, through the height of punk rock and glory days in Londontown. She treats each poem like an individual song and seems to be having a blast adding sound effects, music and percussion, the occasional parrot. It will keep your ears busy and that’s a promise.

We're hoping to have it wrapped by the end of 2023 and can’t wait to share it with you all.

'Time for my generation to DIE' by E D Evans will then sit alongside 'Domesticated Vol 1' by James Domestic and 'Wisdom of the Punk Buddha' by Sam Marsh in our ever growing audio library of punk poetry.

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