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Aural Aggravation review 'Short Skirts and Whiskey Shots'

"It’s a book about New York, and a book about finding yourself while being lost in a lifestyle. Yet at the same time, music is there, in the background." says Christopher Nosnibor of Aural Aggravation in his review of Andrea Janov's new book, 'Short Skirts and Whiskey Shots: Tales of nights I shouldn't have made it home alive'.

"She captures the contradictory sense of community – or perhaps scene – and isolation, the distance that comes from living in such densely-packed proximity where people avoid eye contact and rarely even meet their neighbours, let alone reach speaking terms", expanding on the books content and adding that the poems cover; "The buzz of arriving and discovering New York, followed by the relentless whirlwind of life, before winding down to a more reflective place on revisiting and remembering. It makes for a short but satisfying work."

And order a copy of Andrea Janov's coming of age poetry collection in a punk rock scene here.

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