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Combat Rocks

We're speaking with Tim Satchwell, a huge fan of The Clash and a great writer, about reproducing his three current books about three of The Clash albums and working with him on a fourth. These books are in-depth collectors items, each looking at one particular album release; it's background stories, the studios and people involved, and they contain plenty of original colour art too.

So far Tim has written about Combat Rock (Combat Ready) 2016, Give em Enough Rope (All The Peacemakers) 2019 and most recently The Clash (First album... Move Up Starsky) 2021. He is now working on his fourth book, all about Sandinista. These are limited editions, all produced as a labour of love, with plenty of extras for the readers and we hope to help Tim bring them to a wider audience very soon.

For now, check out his website at for the last few first print copies left, and keep an eye out for our New Year new releases.

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