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Crossfire review Combat Ready

German metal website Crossfire recently checked out a few E I Books publications, and their reviewer, Steve Burdelak, started with Tim Satchwell's book 'Combat Ready', all about The Clash album 'Combat Rock'.

"The book is about the legendary album 'Combat Rock', which changed my life in 1982. It was the fifth release of the band in the best line-up, but the conventional punk and its scene in the United States of America and Canada, much later (compared to Europe) began to crumble.

Also, drummer, Topper Headon, had to leave the band due to his drug problems and founding member, guitarist and singer Mick Jones went other ways a year later too. With fame ('Combat Rock' is the band's most successful work) and wrong decisions about managers, the band broke apart.

Of course, that's why a look behind the scenes of 'Combat Rock' is necessary."

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