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DiWulf news and The Punk Rock Museum TAKE OVER!

Our chums at DiWulf publishing in the USA recently concluded an AWESOME takeover of the Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas. The good people at the Museum gave them the run of the place, so Amy & Steve brought along some of their best friends! They had walking tours led by Jack Steeples and Dave from Adrenalin O.D., followed the next day by Mike and Kimm from Channel 3. It was a celebration of all things literary as Mike, Dave, and Danny Marianino held book signings and author Q&A sessions. SkaBoom! author and Bigger Thomas founder Marc Wasserman joined them for a seminar on writing and publishing.

The weekend concluded with an all-star jam that featured a Frankenstein-ed incarnation of a mashed-up amalgam of CH3 and A.O.D. with Fat Mike of NOFX on vocals.

It was an amazing time and we’re hoping for many more literary events there.

Fat Mike hung out with fans in the Museum's faux ‘living room’. 

Check out the Museum when you're in Vegas and tell 'em DiWulf & Earth Island sent you!

(from left) Dave Scott Schwartzman from A.O.D, Mike Magrann from CH3, Steve from DiWulf, SkaBOOM! author Marc Wasserman, and Amy Yates Wuelfing chilly-chill at the Punk Rock Museum.

CH3 playing a set in the Pennywise garage! -


We are very excited to announce you can now get ‘My Punk Rock Life’ by Marla Watson (along with several cool Earth Island Books books) from DiWulf through their US store, so pick up a copy of this gorgeous coffee table photo book when you are shopping their other titles.

“‘My Punk Rock Life’ has been garnering a lot of critical praise and we are very proud to now carry this title in our store. It is a timeless capture of some of the most important, most beloved punk and hardcore bands to ever exist. Striking, stark black & white photography; live, unflinching and bold, My Punk Rock Life is the visual equivalent of the sonic forces unleashed in each photo and is a living testament to not only the bands and artists, but also the historic venues and, of course, the kids who made it a community. An important document that needs to be on your book shelf or coffee table.”

Also, check out the new DiWulf Podcast episode!

DiWulf's Amy Yates Wuelfing talks to poet and artist E.D. Evans


Join us as E.D. dives into the pages of her book "Old West," providing insights into its themes and inspirations. Get ready to experience the beauty of her world as she describes the themes and reads excerpts from her first book, ‘Time For My Generation To Die’.

For the full video - go to YouTube

For audio only - click here! 

To see more about Old West - click here!

“On the other side of the ocean, there is a DiWulf counterpart publishing punk rock books - Earth Island!! 

We love them, and man do they put out a LOT of books, including Marla Watson and E.D. Evans. . We carry a lot of their titles on the DiWulf website to help save on postage.” 


Minneapolis photographer and historian Brian Garrity, whose work has graced the pages of Rolling Stone, Spin, Alternative Press, and several other print and online outlets, has put together his first book, Pushed, documenting his time photographing some of the biggest artists of the '80s and '90s. 


Roger Miret from Agnostic Front loves Dave's book, If It's Tuesday This Must Be Walla Walla: The Wacky History of Adrenalin O.D. and you should too! A comprehensive, 300-plus page history of one of New Jersey’s most beloved bands is packed with tour stories, photos, flyers, and a lot of laughs.

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