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Frank Turner posts about 'A Hardcore Heart' launch

Posting across his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels, Frank Turner wrote this:

"Check it out - 'A Hardcore Heart', a new book by David Gamage (with a foreword by me).

Dave played in legendary underground UK punk / hardcore bands like Joeyfat, Couch Potatoes and Rydell. This is his history of that scene in the 90s. It includes my earliest stirrings in music with brief appearances by my old band Kneejerk.

You should read this book. You should read it if you were there, or know and like any of the bands from that era (Green Day, NOFX, Bob Tilton, Leatherface, Hot Water Music, Spy vs Spy, and on and on).

But you should also read it if you want to know about underground DIY touring in the age before the internet; about a vital link in the history of underground punk rock; and how we got here from there.

You can preorder from Earth Island Books here. Have a gander."

Frank gets a few good mentions in the book, at gigs in Winchester, Southampton and London, and has provided an excellent foreword for the book too.

This monster 666 page book is packed with colour photos and flyers, and covers hundreds of bands, including Green Day, NOFX, Alice Donut, Jailcell Recipes, The BBMFs, Majority Of One, Spermbirds, The Babies Three, Understand, Samiam, Down By Law, Alloy, Hot Water Music, Bob Tilton, Tribute, Discount, Blue Tip, Leiah, Leatherface, Spy Versus Spy, Hunter Gatherer, Dismemberment Plan, Burning Airlines, Piebald and many more, as well a the venues, record labels, promoters and all aspects of the UKHC scene. It's officially launched tomorrow and available locally in book stores and on amazon in your own country or direct from the publishers.

'A Hardcore Heart' is shipping now, in support of the Music Venue Trust.



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