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Helly Cherry review Mass Movement: The Digital Years VoL 1

"After a very successful "What Would Gary Gygax Do", Tim Cundle returns with a new literary endeavor that will surely please readers interested in the history of the underground scene. After discovering punk rock in the mid-1980s, Tim Cundle became a participant of the scene with his tireless dedication to journalism. Cundle consciously or unconsciously archived the history of the music scene so the future generations could the potential readers could learn about the past. Mass Movement is more than just a webzine. Tim dedicated a lot of time to his project so the musicians, bands, publishers, promoters, but also the audience could have a platform on which they would be able to advertise or get information about events on the underground scene.

Cundle's new book focuses on Mass Movement activities, but with an almost strict focus on interviews. This read makes up only half of the archive of this renowned webzine, which has hosted both famous and lesser-known musicians, bands, and other participants of the underground scene. Over the years, Mass Movement has provided an opportunity for many artists to have their voices heard outside the regular press. Webzine may not be the most popular media form on the underground scene, but it contains powerful promotional tools. With the advent of social networks, the possibilities have become even greater, so this webform itself gained popularity. Tim Cundle found himself in the right place at the right time and acted wisely by providing a platform for the musicians who represent the backbone of today's underground scene.

The first volume, among other things, brings interviews with individuals/bands such as Attitude Adjustment, Billy Brag, Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, Gama Bomb, Therapy ?, Cathedral, Napalm Death, JFA, Jughead's Revenge, Killing Time, Overkill, Pat Mills, Brian Posehn, Crime In Stereo, DOA, Down To Nothing, DRI, No Idea Records, Scream, Underdog, Chris Jericho, Cradle Of Filth, Steve Ignorant, Funeral For A Friend, Dwarves, GWAR, Mark Watson, Anthrax, Evan Dorkin, Keith Morris, Seaweed and Sheer Terror. Of course, this is just a part of what awaits you in the first volume. The best aspect of this webzine is that Mass Movement never focused on just one music direction or the music scene in general. This webzine has included interviews with comic artists, comedians, and other participants from the world of art. It is important to note that the first volume also contains interesting articles such as the last days of Edgar Allan Poe or the correlation of martial arts and the hardcore scene. The whole opus is about the impressive activism of Tim Cundle, who has been following the underground scene for almost four decades.

Earth Island Books made an effort to make this edition shine in full glory by printing the book on quality paper. Every interview and article also contains photographs and other visuals, so this read gains even more value. You can order the book directly through the official Earth Island Books website".

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