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James Domestic at the Write Club

Great to see that James Domestic make it onto the latest Write Club podcast with one of his pieces. The Write Club is hosted by multi-award-winning poet, teacher, author, and rap battler, Mark Grist. It looks to promote the work of alternative writers and poets, and reflect the world around the community. In the latest series of five podcasts they talk about success, failure and the importance of the occasional milkshake, as well as the joys of getting older, achieving maximum power, and the financial realities of life as an artist.

In the fifth podcast of the series James piece is part of a discussion on the cost of living crisis

Any fellow poets and writers should give it a listen.

The Write Club podcast series is on podbean here: and James is on episode five, but they are all good.

James is also on Neil Crud's latest Louder Than War radio show again, this time with his short poem 'No Duds', which Neil is using as a kind of jingle through the show. You can check out the latest broadcast on mix cloud here:

James Domestic's new book of punk rock poetry and street verse, 'Domesticated Vol 1' is available in all good book and record stores, as well a direct from Earth Island Books.

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