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Mark Humanity on Roger Yates ‘Vegan Time Tunnel’ YouTube channel

It’s great to have Mark Humanity helping us promote his new book about veganism, vegetarianism, animal rights and direct action, 'The Humanity Trigger', as although it’s not officially published until the 4th December, World Wildlife Conservation Day, we are shipping review copies now and you can pre-order your own copy too.

Mark has been on Roger YatesVegan Time Tunnel’ YouTube channel three times recently, for an hour each time, talking about the book and taking questions on its varied contents, including the growth of veganism in Ireland and its connections to punk rock and the alternative scenes.

The links for these interesting conversations are here:

Mark will also be appearing on a podcast hosted by North East Animal Rights activists based in Newcastle, on the 20th November, again being interviewed about his ‘Humanity Trigger’ book.

The Vegan Society of New Zealand will be running a feature on the book in their next magazine, as is HOWL, the UK Hunt Sabs magazine.

We’re also in touch with the Viva! podcast about an interview with Mark, as well as discussing with RTE in Ireland and Channel 4 in the UK about a possible documentary.

And finally, the UK, Australian and American Vegan Societies are each considering features on the new book in their respective magazines too.

If you’d like to interview Mark, review his new book, or know more about ‘The Humanity Trigger’ just drop us a line and we’ll arrange it.

THE HUMANITY TRIGGER : ON THE ORIGINS OF ANTI-SPECIESISM BY MEANS OF DIRECT ACTION A HISTORY OF RADICAL ACTION FOR ANIMALS IN IRELAND 1822-2022 by Mark Humanity tells the rich story of the struggle against violence against animals in Ireland since records began, but with an emphasis on the 200-year period between 1822 and now. Packed with both historical facts and contempory anecdotes you’ll learn all about the animal rights movement and those individuals who took decisive action for animals from its inception right up to today.

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