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Partnering with DiWulf Publishing

It can be very tricky to get good books about hardcore in the UK, especially if they are published elsewhere. (A good example of this would have been some of Ian Glasper's earlier books which we've seen going for ridiculous prices on some sites, so we have now partnered with PM Press to stock them and solve that) Postage to and from the US can be expensive, so we have been working to help solve this by setting up more punk rock partnerships. The latest of these will be with our friends at DiWulf Publishing.

We will be working with Amy and Steve at DiWulf to add their publications to our store here in the UK as soon as possible. We'll choose the best and add these to our webstore periodically, starting with these three great reads over the next days:

If It's Tuesday This Must Be Walla Walla: The Wacky History of Adrenalin O.D.’ by Dave Scott Schwartzman, a comprehensive, 300-plus page history of one of New Jersey’s most beloved bands, packed with tour stories, photos, flyers, and a lot of laughs.

No Slam Dancing No Stage Diving No Spikes: An Oral History of the Legendary City Gardens’ by Amy Yates Wuelfing & Steve DiLodovico, an oral history of 80s-era alternative, metal and punk rock music told through the portal of Trenton, New Jersey’s legendary City Gardens club.

'Hard Times Magazine: An Anthology of ‘80s Punk & Hardcore' by Ron Gregorio and Amy Yates Wuelfing. This book pulls together every issue of the seminal ‘80s punk zine into one collection. Everything is from the original files, including photos interviews, show and record reviews, letters to the editor, and brand-new essays from Tesco Vee, Howard Wuelfing, and Lyle Preslar.

Very soon we’ll have stock and be adding more information on each of these books in the online store. We hope you'll enjoy them. We'll be adding to the selection over the next months too. Other indie / alternative publishers should get in touch. Let's work together.

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