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Personal punk gets Personal, Punk.

So we've been sending out a few review copies of Tim Cundle's new book 'What Would Gary Gygax Do?' and although it's a great collection of short stories with references for hardcore punk music geeks and roleplaying games nerds alike, it also contains many deeply personal and harrowing stories too, so it's not for everyone.

That said, we love it and think a lot of you will too. One of the first reviews to come back is from Steve Midwinter at Personal Punk - sometimes personal, (nearly) always punk!

"There is no doubting Tim’s talent for blunt but poetic prose, honed through years of dues-paid journalism and living life. There are over fifty pocket-sized near misses, lessons learned and hard truths between these near-400 pages, wrought in an easily digestible style and effortlessly exuding heart and soul".

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