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“Punk-rock’s rebellious spirit and the timeless journey of self-discovery”

Andrea Janov’s “Mix Tapes and Photo Albums” is a narrative poetry collection that serves as a poetic mix tape, taking readers on a journey through the rough landscape. This collection delves into the lives of a group of characters who navigate the confines of a small town, challenging societal norms, exploring relationships, and seeking refuge in the rebellious embrace of the local punk rock scene. The thematic structure of the collection is reminiscent of a vintage mix tape, with the narrative divided into two sides, Side A and Side B. Each poem assumes the title of a song, contributing to the creation of a soundtrack that encapsulates the experiences of these characters as they push the boundaries of their small-town existence. The metaphor of a mix tape becomes a poignant vehicle for expressing the highs and lows, the joys and sorrows, all set to the backdrop of punk rock’s raw and unapologetic ethos.

The characters in “Mix Tapes and Photo Albums” embark on a journey of self-discovery, grappling with questions of identity, belonging, and rebellion. The local punk rock scene becomes their sanctuary, a space where philosophy is distilled into songs, and hangouts with like-minded people on the gigs signify collective expression of belief. This portrayal of the punk rock subculture is not just a backdrop but a central force that shapes the characters’ worldview and provides them with a sense of community and purpose. The collection spans significant milestones in the characters’ lives, from their first punk rock show to the challenges of college life and the bittersweet return to their small town as the local venue faces closure. The poems resonate with those who have experienced the vibrant energy of punk thriving in the streets of small towns, illustrating that the raw power of this subculture is a timeless force waiting to be harnessed by each new generation.


“Mix Tapes and Photo Albums” exemplifies the enduring spirit of punk rock, capturing the essence of a subculture that transcends generational boundaries. It speaks to both the newcomers who are just discovering the rebellious allure of punk and the older souls who fondly remember their own experiences on the scene. As the companion book to Andrea Janov’s ‘Short Skirts and Whiskey Shots,’ “Mix Tapes and Photo Albums” weaves a narrative tapestry that expands on the themes of rebellion, identity, and community introduced in its predecessor. Together, these works form a literary exploration of the human experience, set against the backdrop of punk rock’s rebellious spirit and the timeless journey of self-discovery.

Review by Djordje Miladinović for Thought Words Action punk rock blog.


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