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Resurrection of the Crazed!

With 'The Resurrection of The Crazed' by Paul Wainwright you'll be able to join the author as he journeys back to those mutant rockin’, venue wreckin’, snakebite sodden days of the Psychobilly and neo-Rockabilly scene of the 80’s.

His fanzine ‘The Crazed’ was right there, reporting on the scene as it grew and writing about bands such as The Meteors, GuanaBatz, Demented Are Go, King Kurt, Long Tall Texans and Restless.

Travel back through those articles and interviews and revisit the experience. Enjoy noisy nights at The Klub Foot, mecca of all things Psychobilly, where many of these interviews were conducted after sweaty gigs. Read the bands own words, full of enthusiasm, excitement and optimism about what the future might hold, and discover what it was like to produce and edit a fanzine back then.

The scene meant so much to so many and ‘The Crazed’ was there to document it.

This book recaptures how it felt at the time. After lying dormant for over 30 years ‘The Crazed’ has now been resurrected.

Foreword by Craig ‘Bracko’ Brackenridge of Vintage Rock magazine.

Awesome Klub Foot cover art by Paskal Millet.

You can pre-order your copy now of this 260 page paperback, packed with full colour images of the Psychobilly, Garage and Rockabilly scene.

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