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Ten Poets are coming

Poetry is arguably in (another) period of renaissance right now – everyone and their dog is a poet; just check out Instagram or TikTok – but there’s plenty of really terrible poetry around, as there always has been. We don’t want that stuff; we want the diamonds that sparkle in the dirt, those that are using poetry to connect with audiences, to say something about the human condition, to make people think, reflect, and maybe even laugh like drains (poetry on some level is entertainment, and only an inveterate snob would say otherwise).


Ten Poets (Volume One) by Martin Appleby, Dawn Vincent, James Domestic, Amy Wragg, Leon The Poet, Mary Fucking Poppins, Ricci Read, Ricky Frost, Tonkabell & Jackie Montague is the first in a series of books showcasing poets of all stripes and intended to act as a primer to check out their other work and/or book them to perform in your city, town, or village.


For some of the poets that feature in this collection, this is their first published work. For others, these poems sit alongside their other books, contributions to literary magazines etc. It doesn’t matter; they’re all here in one place and demanding your attention, so dive in and give them some!


This is the pre-order for Ten Poets. It is officially published on Friday 23rd February, but can be pre-ordered now.

Official launch event on World Poetry Day (21st March) at The Steamboat Tavern in Ipswich where at least seven of the ten poets will appear, performing their poems from the book.

112 pages. Paperback ISBN 9781916864184

Ebook ISBN 9781916864191

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