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The wonderful world of Mass Movement

Mass Movement Magazine captures the spirit and essence of the alterative scene and has always produced such interesting and eclectic interviews with the best bands around as well as alternative lifestyle characters and writers. Now, with all the best interviews gathered together into two volumes, you can revisit Tim Cundle's Mass Movement and all the best of the underground and alternative.

Mass Movement: The Digital Years, Volume 1. Includes interviews with Attitude Adjustment, Anthrax, Circle Jerks, D.R.I., Funeral For A Friend, Seaweed, Sheer Terror, Steve Ignorant and No Idea Records, as well as articles on Edgar Allan Poe, Fighting Fantasy and record collecting!

Mass Movement: The Digital Years, Volume 2. includes interviews with Acid Reign, Agnostic Front, Bad Religion, Burn, Dropkick Murphys, English Dogs, Kill Your Idols, Lagwagon, Shai Hulud, Snuff, Voorhees, Youth Of Today, Metal Blade and Revelation Records as well as articles on Vampires, Batman and scary comics!

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