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Thoughts Words Action reviews Punk Faction

"After collecting and reading zines for 25 years, I must admit BHP is one of the better ones I stumbled on. David caught the essence of the early nineties global punk rock scene by covering everything in these nine editions. You will stumble upon interviews with Pseudo Hippies, Schema, Unpolluted Air, Ramones, ALL, Pennywise, Green Day, Alloy, Quicksand, Rancid, Sugar, Shelter, Down By Law, Jawbreaker, SNFU, etc. I mean, there are so many UK, and US bands covered that I can’t even remember. There are news, reviews, scene reports, gig reports, columns about politics, political activism, vegetarianism, animal rights, animals in circuses, animals at zoos, the article about the importance of sleeping, and so many other topics that you usually don’t stumble upon in contemporary zines anymore."

"This paperback edition embraces a love for literature, punk rock and subculture all in one place. What more could one ask for?"

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