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Vive Le Rock review Combat Ready

The latest issue of Vive Le Rock magazine is, as ever, packed with goodies, and amongst the interviews with The Damned and The Buzzcocks there's also a very good review of Tim Satchwell's excellent 'Combat Ready', his new book all about the making of and inspiration behind The Clash's classic album 'Combat Rock'.

Vive Le Rock reviewer, Joe Whyte, has given the book 9/10 and says, "Satchwell has risen to the challenge; he's written what is probably the definitive account of the CR period Clash; a time of conflict, success, drug-fuelled mishaps and sackings, and quite the collection of timeless music...

If you're a fan, this is unmissable."

You can order a copy of the magazine and read the review here:

You can pick up a copy of Tim Satchwell's 'Combat Ready' in the E I Books store now. It comes with a Combat Ready poster and patch and we might even throw in a stick of rock from Tim's recent trip to Rebellion in Blackpool too, while stocks last.

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