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Wisdom of living with a needy cat

A simpler life is one of Sam Marsh's basic tenets, but when he agreed to video a couple of pieces from his great new book, 'Wisdom of the Punk Buddha' for us, his cat clearly didn't get the message.

Check out 'Humanity in the gutter'...

and 'In Reality'...

We're looking for more coverage and reviewers for this book, and all our books, so magazines, fanzines, book stores, record labels, distros, websites, bloggers, podcasts, etc please get in touch.

Here's the first three reviews from Mass Movement, Suspect Device and Thoughts Words Action.

Wisdom of the Punk Buddha is the perfect amalgamation of thoughtful poetry and the accumulated wisdom of a lifetime of Buddhist philosophy and knowledge and devotion to the punk scene. Built around a series of easy to digest life lessons. It’s a book that poses a simple question - “Do you want to be better person? Do you want to be better tomorrow than you were today?” If the answer is yes, then your journey to punk rock and personal enlightenment begins here... Tim Cundle, Mass Movement

A mixture of very enjoyable punk poetry and Buddhist thought... designed to help you make sense of the world and your place in it. This book shows that a lot of punk rock thoughts and ideas can be found in Buddhism, if you look at it the way Sam Marsh does. Tony Whatley, Suspect Device

Wisdom of the Punk Buddha teaches us about true punk rock ethos, principles of Buddhism, love, peace, unity, wisdom, and many other topics through a comprehensive collection of thoughtfully written poems. The author shares his thoughts, observations, and criticism but also takes time to explain some background too. Wisdom of the Punk Buddha is a must read for every bookworm punkrocker. Djordje Miladinović, Thoughts Words Action

At the core of punk attitude is love - yearning for a better world where people can live in harmony and peace, free from suffering. It’s the same attitude that Buddhists have, and that’s why I’m a Punk Buddhist, and I’m not conflicted at all. Sam Marsh.

90 page paperback (and ebook) Wisdom of the Punk Buddha. Available now.

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