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Worst. Eurovision. Ever. in the F N L Book reviews

Andy over at Fear N Loathing is an avid reader as well as the zine's editor and he's just finished reading Roy D Hacksaw's new comedy novel about the Eurovision Song Contest, 'Worst. Eurovision. Ever.' you can click here to see what he had to say about it:

"A novel about imagined Eurovision Song Contest Finals taking place in Moldova, written by a veteran punk rocker, is an unlikely scenario in itself and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. But any doubts that I may have had were forgotten pretty quickly as the plot became more and more complex and the list of characters continued to grow. I can’t say that I’ve ever been a Eurovision fan, but it certainly provided a great backdrop for the shenanigans within this novel. A new director has been put in charge of the Contest following rumours of corruption and now has to deal with the event taking place in a new location, with all the problems and misinterpretations that this entails. At the same time, the elderly but much-loved singer who has been chosen to represent Moldova itself has forged an unexpected friendship with his runner-up, a much younger and not particularly talented Gothic-rock vocalist. The older singer has health problems and has named his protégée as his replacement in the increasingly possible situation that he is to ill to attend the final. Add to this, the day-to-day rivalries between the performers (including Norwegian Black Metallers, an Icelandic performer who sings and dresses as a dog and an Eastern European female vocalist with a temper akin to a tornado) plus rogue reporters who have no qualms in publishing entirely false allegations about the contestants. It may still seem like a plot that wouldn’t usually interest you, but once you start reading, you well may find yourself engrossed in the story and increasingly keen to discover what happens next. I have to admit that, at nearly 500 pages, it is perhaps a little longer than it needs to be, but it does have a good sense of humour and doesn’t drag its’ feet. Roy is obviously a fan of the whole Eurovision spectacle and keeps your interest all the way through the tale. While I doubt this novel will convert all of its’ readers into avid fans, it will at least give you a different perspective alongside a great yarn!"

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