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You're gonna want this book!

We noticed this appreciative review of Tim Cundle's excellent book 'What Would Gary Gygax Do?' by Tony Fyler on GoodReads recently and were so stoked we thought we'd share it. Thanks Tony!

"If you've ever felt the power of music light you up and set your heart, your spine, or your rage on fire - you're gonna want this book.

If you've ever felt possessed by the need for noise, the need to spit back in society's bland-ass panaceaic face - you're gonna love this book.

If you've ever felt squashed by the steamroller of conformity - and still somehow kept your truth, your geeky heart and your passions alive - you're gonna NEED this book.

Tim Cundle's a hardcore punk, a creative kickass with a heart half Disney, half rolling for initiative to knock this skeleton the hell out. He takes us on a journey from a bullied childhood to standing tall, spitting truth, finding what is and what isn't fundamental to the journey of 21st century life - and why Star Wars is the Father-Son credo for a generation.

The book is punchy, powerful, dark, true and funny as all hell. And when Cundle lets you in on his real obsessions, it sings like the geekiest angels with a beer-soaked microphone. He will take you with him, and both you and he will be better for the ride.

What Would Gary Gygax Do? That'd be telling. But what Tim Cundle did? Maybe your steps would be different - but read this book, and if you keep the spirit in which you make those steps in the same vein as Gygax's and Cundle's - you won't go far wrong. Book of the year, that'll repay repeat readings". Tony Fyler

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