Glasper brings his series of books documenting UK punk to a close in fine style with this hefty 635 page tome. Undertaking in-depth interviews with 111 essential bands from the last twenty years, discussing the challenges they’ve faced, the obstacles they’ve had to overcome, and how they think they still need to evolve to stay relevant in these troubled times – by the end of it, you will understand exactly why UK punk is the scene that will not die.


This book is must for anyone interested in the UK punk scene or alternative music culture, and now it comes with a double CD album too, featuring tracks by 59 of the bands written about in the book.


This special deal ships with the book, double CD, poster, bookmark and stickers. Read and sing-a-long.


If you just want the CD's please go to Engineer Records website here.

Full tracklist for each CD below:


1, In Evil Hour – 2050

2, Burning Flag – Broken Britain

3, Domestics – A cold, raw system

4, Dealing With Damage – Making plans for misery

5, Blatoidea – Without warning

6, Rat Cage – Jump off a building

7, 51st State – Plastic president

8, Decontrol – Corporate greed

9, Billyclub – World in pain

10, Casual Nausea –