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Directions to the Outskirts of Town: Punk Rock Tour Diaries from Nineties North America by Welly Artcore.


In 1994 punk rock fanzine writer Welly Artcore jumped in the van with legendary British punk band CHAOS U.K. for a two month tour around the U.S. Four years later he did it all again with his own band, FOUR LETTER WORD, this time also travelling across Canada.

From the impossible drives, to scrapes with the authorities, and the bands they shared stages and floors with along the way, often with nothing more than the name of a club on a scrap of paper that turned out to be a disused unit in an industrial estate, they somehow made most of the gigs. 

All the while, he did something so many others don’t, he wrote it all down.

Directions to the Outskirts of Town is a candid and humorous account of life on the road packed into a 6” x 9” paperback with over 300 pages, over 250 unpublished colour photos, flyers and illustrations, and a foreword by Kaos of CHAOS U.K. The book also comes with a poster and a bookmark.  Pre-order for first edition. 

Directions To The Outskirts Of Town by Welly Artcore

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