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A mysterious invitation from an unknown sender...


“Dearest Fiend,

You are cordially invited to attend the first ever Theta House Experience...”


The email promised an escape-room challenge like no other. $1,000 just to play, another $1000 for the first contestant to complete the challenge. Six kids fresh out of high school find the offer too tempting to resist. Their reasons vary but the goal is the same: follow the clues, solve the puzzle, claim the prize. But will they be able to finish the game before it finishes them?


Those who say Man is the most dangerous game have never encountered Theta House.


There's more to this than you think. Expect gore, expect violence, but most of all, expect the unexpected. Can you find your way out? Could anyone survive Theta House?


You've had your invitation. RSVP for the latest and greatest horror novel from veteran punk rocker Jim X Dodge. Available to order now.

Theta House by Jim X Dodge

SKU: 9781739363819
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