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Alex CF at the sAtanic Xmas Fayre

Alex CF will be attending the Satanic Flea Market: Anti-Christmas Fayre this December in London.

He will have copies of his new book, 'Ni frith' amongst loads of other stuff. Come along on 10/12 in the afternoon if you're in the area. The Satanic Flea Market is easily one of the most friendly, and creatively diverse markets you can attend.

Also, just a reminder that as well as his brilliant 'Punks In The Willows', for Earth Island Books, Alex has also written a series of animal fantasy novels.

If you have enjoyed Alex's roll as lyricist and artist in bands, you might enjoy these too. There are two novels and an illustrated encyclopedia, and book three is currently being written!

You can pick up all of Alex's books from the E I Books store or from

Alex is also a talented sculptor and currently has new statues of Vorsa Corpse Speaker - one of the main protagonists in his animal fantasy novels - and these beautiful Black Rabbit statues too.

You can check out and order his sculptures here:

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