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Anarchy is fun! and so are the radical bookfairs

Yesterday at the Anarchist Book Fair in London was a lot of fun and we're looking forward to Peterborough Radical Bookfair next week on Saturday 14th October and Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 4th November, next month.

Author, musician and teacher, DaN McKee, was running the stand and speaking about his excellent book, 'Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher', which we sold quite a few of, as well as copies of most of our publications, to interested readers. There was much conversation about alternative views and politics, and many people took posters and bookmarks away too, hoping to come back and purchase books later, after reading more about them on this website.

Certainly DaN McKee's 'Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher' drew a lot of people in and DaN will be giving a talk all about it and hosting a Q&A session at the Manchester Book Fair.

DaN also has an interview on The Left Fist about his book and his love of wrestling! Check it out if you have moment, at this link:

We'll have copies of all our books at Peterborough and Manchester and hope to see you there.

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