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Biting, fighting, and very exciting - Jim X Dodge's new horror novel launches for Halloween

Thirteen-year-old Mitzie Collins makes a desperate gamble in order to survive in a world full of hungry undead. She uses a childhood scar to pretend to be immune to the Gee-bug so that those who are more capable will see to her continued existence. It doesn’t take long for Mitzie to realize she’s made a horrific mistake and people will die because of her dishonesty.

An eclectic cast of characters makes The Bite a story that’s as deep and thoughtful as it is brutal. The situations they get into, and occasionally out of, are as varied as the characters themselves. Once you dig your teeth into this story you won’t want to let go until you’ve chewed all the way through to the end.

Jim X Dodge's new horror creation, 'The Bite' launches on Halloween, 31st October 2023, and you can pre-order this biting, fighting and exciting paperback right now.

Jim's previous alternative horror novel, 'Theta House' is still available too. A scary story of a dinner invitation gone badly wrong, ideal for a spooky halloween read to terrify your loved ones!

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