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Christmas Discounts - get a fiver off Worst. Eurovision. Ever. and / or What Would Gary Gygax do?

With the cost of living crisis getting worse, thanks to price increases on everything (including printing and postage), and rampant profiteering by big businesses, smaller independent businesses, like ourselves, are trying to do their best to help people out and stay afloat.

We're going to have a bunch of special offers and discounts on the run up to Christmas, starting now, hoping that might help - with a fiver off of both Roy D Hacksaw's hilarious 'Worst. Eurovision. Ever' and Tim Cundle's thought provoking 'What Would Gary Gygax Do?' making each of these books ideal gifts at just £4.99 from now until the end of the year.

Worst. Eurovision. Ever. comes with a set of Eurovision Top Trumps cards, packed with facts and figures from Eurovision history. So you can play along with your pals as well as read the book!

“When some plucky underdogs from Moldova unexpectedly won the Eurovision Song Contest, the show’s organisers were instantly worried about how they were going to hold the following year’s competition in such a small and little-visited country. But the location was the least of their worries as a procession of unlikely artists began to be chosen for the show, and everything from Norwegian black metallers, a Saudi Arabian prince performing for San Marino, and an Icelandic bloke dressed as a dog caused a cascade of complications before a single note had even been sung. Can they keep all the egos in check, or is the whole thing going to come tumbling down around them?- If you want a look into the kind of nonsense that goes on behind the scenes at the contest, Worst. Eurovision. Ever. will take you on a wild ride around the rehearsals, dressing rooms and showbiz parties with such an informed eye that you’ll never look at the dear old contest the same way again.”

'What Would Gary Gygax Do?’ comes with a card game and dice set based on the character art to be found within the books fifty-five chapters for even more crazy fun.

This is Tim Cundle’s second book; a collection of autobiographical, fantastical essays, short stories and columns, covering a rites of passage narrative that is unsettling, upsetting, darkly humorous and oddly uplifting all at once. A must for hardcore kids, gamer geeks and anyone in-between.

The five pounds discount appears at checkout, and is on each book, so each book is just £4.99 and you can save a tenner if you buy both. Books will ship, with extras, immediately.

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