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E. D. Evans 'TFMGTD' audio book

We just wrapped up a marathon project… recording the audio book version of E.D. Evans brilliant alternative poetry book, Time for My Generation to DIE.

What started out as a simple audio read turned into something completely different.

Welcome to E.D. Evans spoken word album, complete with original music, sound effects and Words, Words, Words—an aural 3D experience. It’s officially ready for you all.


Produced, directed and engineered by @BuddyWoodward, with musical contributions from @PaulRobinson, @BobHofner, @LennyMolotov, and of course @BuddyWoodward.

Special thanks to @MickHeargreaves and @sessdimelio for the extensive production notes and all of you who gave feedback. And of course @tomguard for this spectacular teaser video. (Click on image)

Blast off into E.D. Evans world. We hope you enjoy the journey.

Instagram: @Originalpunkster11

You Tube Channel: E.D. Evans

For Purchase in the U.S.

(Buy LOCAL If You Can!)

Outside the U.S.:

Your Country’s Amazon.Com


Available wherever audiobooks are sold

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