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Fifty years of The Ramones book launch

To celebrate fifty years of The Ramones we will be publishing Nick Cooper’s brilliant new book; ‘I Heartbreak The Ramones’, available to pre-order now and shipping from 1st June.

There will be a release party for the new book ‘I 'HEARTBREAK' THE RAMONES’ with a spoken word performance and a ‘one time only’ SPEEDKINGS Unplugged performance in Kortrijk at the Vuvve on 27th June from 6pm onwards. There’ll be a chance to meet all the SpeedKings, plus a special guest appearance by Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone, the owner of the largest Ramones website, RAMONESHEAVEN.COM and author of the foreword of the book. At this performance the book will be available in a special SpeedKings cover. Only available on the evening itself. Free entrance!

Books will be available for shipping soon.

New European web store!

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